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Sifted Summit or Stuck: Decoding Choices in Your Career Ascent

In a world brimming with information, the concept of a “sifted summit” sparks curiosity. What lies behind this intriguing term? How does it shape our understanding of excellence? Join us as we embark on a journey to unravel the essence of a sifted summit.

Defining the Sifted Summit

At the core of our exploration is the need to define the term “sifted summit.” Understanding its nuances lays the foundation for comprehending its relevance in various domains.

What is Sifted Summit 2023?

The Sifted Summit is a sought-after event among European startups and scale-ups who seek the perfect collaborators to expand their brand and draw motivation for revitalizing innovative initiatives. Over two jam-packed days, attendees can participate in meet-and-greets, roundtables, workshops across four stages with an energetic after-party serving as cherry on top- providing limitless possibilities to garner attention while connecting with vital decision-makers.

What is Weavr doing at Sifted Summit 2023?

We’re exhibiting, for one

Weavr has an exhibition stand (Stand number A302) which can be conveniently found next to stage four and close to the co-working space. Come and say hi!

Our CEO is taking part in a hot-topic panel: fintech fundraising

Who doesn’t love a panel discussion at these events?

Weavr’s Co-founder and CEO, Alex Mifsud, is taking part in the Sifted Summit panel discussing the hot topic of “Life after the hype: are investors falling out of love with fintech?“

For over a decade, fintech has been one of Europe’s hottest tech sectors, attracting billions of dollars of investment as it disrupted ‘traditional’ finance.

But recent figures suggest that fintech may be losing its lead. If mega-rounds are harder to come by and sustainability and profitability are under scrutiny, how do fintech founders rediscover their resilience?

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Date: 4th October 2023

Time: 11:20-11:55

Location: Spotlight stage (upstairs)

Other experts on the panel:

  •   Riya Grover, Cofounder and CEO, Sequence
  •   Zeynep Yavuz, Partner, General Catalyst
  •   David Ward, Senior vice president, Payhawk
  •   Moderator Amy O’Brien, Reporter, Sifted

Why should you attend Sifted Summit?

If you’re a startup

The event is considered your ‘home’, according to Sifted it’s THE place to be if you’re a startup. As the rules of the game continue to change, Sifted Summit are lining up content to help you navigate a new rulebook (new rules being this year’s theme) and find your bearings in the bear market.

If you’re an investor

At Sifted Summit, VCs can mingle with both early and late-stage founders as well as other investors from all over Europe. Attendees have the opportunity to connect with mature scale-ups seeking funding for their upcoming round or come across promising future entrepreneurs presenting investment-worthy concepts.

What you can expect to learn from Weavr at Sifted Summit 2023

We have the expertise to not only define what embedded finance is, but also provide in-depth insights on how it can revolutionize your company.

By visiting our stand, we can discuss effective tactics for increasing SaaS revenue and enhancing customer satisfaction through integratable financial tools tailored to digital businesses. Our all-inclusive Weavr solutions come equipped with strict regulation and oversight features that enable you to deploy your product effortlessly whilst maintaining secure scalability.

Ask us how you can:

  • Add financial features to your non-financial application 💳
  • Take your SaaS product to the next level 🚀
  • Launch and scale within a proven compliance model 📈
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Meet the Weavr team

You will be able to meet our team of embedded finance experts who will be there to answer all your questions, head over to stand A302.

Taavet Hinrikus


John Collison

Cofounder and presidentStripe

Johannes Schildt

Cofounder and CEOKry

Zeynep Yavuz

PartnerGeneral Catalyst

Matt Clifford

Cofounder and CEOEntrepreneur First

Suranga Chandratillake

General partnerBalderton

Eshita Kabra-Davies

Founder and CEOBy Rotation

Arthur Mensch

Cofounder and CEOMistral

Lethabo Motsoaledi

Cofounder and CTOVoyc

Hayden Wood


Audrey Tsang

Co-chief executive officerClue

Ritika Pai

PrincipalICONIQ Growth

Jessica Ennis-Hill

Cofounder and co-CEOJennis

Tom Blomfield


Trinny Woodall

Founder and CEOTrinny London

Timothy Armoo


Sifted Summit 2023 venue and travel information

This is a fairly new event space, the largest of its kind in the capital, with breathtaking views across the River Thames. Which is a short walk from North Greenwich station — just keep an eye out for the Sifted pink branding – you can’t miss it!

Sifted have also ensured there’s space for attendees to relax and get some fresh air — take a break outside and grab some delicious street food at lunch time.

You can find us at: Magazine London, 11 Ordnance Crescent, London, SE10 0JH

Where can you get your hands on event tickets?

The Sifted Summit 2023’s website is full to the brim of all the information you need. It’s also the place to order your tickets. Visit their website here.

The Sifted Summit is a major event for the European startup scene, held annually in London. Here’s what I can tell you about it:

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What is it?

  • The must-attend event for anyone and everyone in European startups.
  • A two-day gathering featuring conferences, workshops, networking opportunities, and an expo showcasing innovative companies.
  • Covers various aspects of the startup ecosystem, from funding and scaling to leadership and future trends.

What happened in 2023?

  • The 2023 edition took place in October and was a huge success.
  • It featured four stages with insightful interviews and fresh perspectives, an expo with leading businesses, deep-dive workshops, and intimate roundtable discussions.
  • Attendees praised the content, speakers, networking, and overall vibe.

What about 2024?

  • Details for the 2024 Sifted Summit are not yet announced.
  • You can pre-register on the official website to receive updates and be among the first to know when registration opens.
  • Based on past years, it’s likely to be held in London sometime in October.

Additional Information:

  • The official website is
  • You can find reviews and testimonials from past attendees on the website.
  • Sifted is a publication by the Financial Times focusing on European startups and technology.

Conclusion: A Call to Action

Sifting Beyond Boundaries: Paving the Way to Personal and Professional Peaks

As we conclude our exploration, the article transcends its informative nature, extending a call to action. How can individuals apply the principles of a sifted summit in their lives? What steps can one take to sift beyond conventional boundaries and reach new peaks?

In this reflective conclusion, we provide insights, feedback, and opinions on the questions raised in the introduction. We offer solutions and encourage readers to embrace the philosophy of a sifted summit, unlocking a path to excellence in both personal and professional spheres.