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Arkansas Department of Transportation prepares for winter weather conditions

Winter is fast approaching, and officials are getting ready for the impact it will have on the roads. The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) is taking proactive measures by fueling up trucks, training drivers, and reallocating resources in preparation for the winter season. Deric Wyatt of ARDOT states that they are focused on getting employees familiar with the equipment they will be operating, including making necessary equipment repairs and practicing the routes they will be driving.

With a fleet of over 600 trucks across the state, ARDOT uses them as salt spreaders with snowplows attached. It’s crucial for them to have an ample supply of salt, with 40% of the state’s salt stored in Northwest Arkansas. They also adjust the salt mix depending on the temperature, incorporating calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and beet juice when temperatures drop. However, in extremely cold temperatures, the ice may become ineffective, and ARDOT may have to wait for the weather to improve.

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In the event of winter weather, ARDOT stays in constant communication with engineers, emergency management, and police statewide, making adjustments from storm to storm as each one is unique. Additionally, 40/29 News Sunrise provides live weather and traffic updates for those in need. Stay prepared as winter approaches, with ARDOT and other resources available to assist during severe weather conditions.