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Arkansas Family Pays Tribute to Terence Caffey, Who Passed Away in Police Custody

An Arkansas Man’s Family Honors His Memory by Giving Back to the Less Fortunate

Two years after the death of Terrance Caffey while in police custody, his family has continued to call for accountability. Caffey died after going into medical distress during his arrest by Little Rock Police at the Movie Tavern. Last fall, law enforcement released body camera video and the Pulaski County prosecutor ruled that the officers involved would not face criminal charges.

To honor Caffey’s life, his family organized a giveaway event to help the less fortunate in Little Rock. They set up shop in front of Value Foods on Colonel Glenn, providing essential items such as sleeping bags, gloves, clothes, and shoes to those in need. Caffey’s sister, Crystal, expressed that giving back to the community in this way helps them to move on and find purpose.

Caffey’s aunt, Nicole Ewing, shared that helping the homeless and underprivileged was one of Terence’s passions, and this event was a way to keep his memory alive.

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The family plans to continue hosting giveaway events in honor of Caffey, aiming to do so at least a couple of times a month. They hope to bring comfort and essential items to those in need, inspired by Caffey’s spirit, drive, and tenacity.

Ultimately, the family is seeking accountability for Caffey’s death, but they believe that by taking action in the community, they can honor his memory and make a positive impact. For updates on future giveaway events honoring Terence Caffey, the family encourages people to visit their Facebook page.