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Arkansas’ Non-McDonald’s McDonald’s Near the Louisiana Border

McDonald’s in Rural Arkansas Town Offers Unique Menu and Community Connection

In Junction City, an Arkansas town just five blocks north of Louisiana on U.S. 167, there is a local McDonald’s that has been serving the community for around 40 years. Despite being a part of the globally recognized fast food chain, this McDonald’s stands out for its distinctly non-commercial approach to fast food.

Longtime employees at this McDonald’s, which is also a country store featuring a gas station, deli, and grocery, attest to the fact that no one has ever confused their establishment with the typical McDonald’s fast food restaurants found across the United States.

The unique menu offered at this location includes burgers, fish plates, barbecue on Thursdays and Fridays, ribs, pulled pork, sliced beef, baked beans, potato salad, and chicken, all made in-house. Manager Jackie Meeks takes pride in the fact that they cut their own meat and make their own hamburger patties. This marks a departure from the standardized menu and assembly line-style preparation that the corporate McDonald’s locations are known for.

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For those in search of the more traditional McDonald’s offerings, the nearest drive-thru Happy Meal can be found in El Dorado, approximately 17 miles north of Junction City.

Meeks expressed her satisfaction with the role that the Junction City McDonald’s plays in the local community. She described the town as a “little old country town” with just one red light separating Arkansas from Louisiana. Despite its small size, the town is known for its friendly atmosphere and sense of community.

“I love it, right here at home,” Meeks said of her job at McDonald’s in Junction City. “I’ve got some wonderful customers.”

The unique menu and strong sense of community make this McDonald’s in Junction City a special place for both locals and visitors alike.