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Contemplating Carol: An Article from The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

The content of the article shows the reflection of the writer about a man named Carol, whom the writer knew more than 40 years ago. Carol was a military man, a retired deputy sheriff from Jefferson Davis Parish, and a lover of dogs. The writer regrets not writing about such a decent person, who played by the rules and had a selfless nature.

The writer feels that people like Carol, who are responsible and look out for animals, should be acknowledged and appreciated. In a world driven by self-promoting individuals with access to social media, the writer feels the need to recognize the value of people like Carol.

The writer reflects on the imprecision of memory and the difficulty of recalling details about events that occurred over 40 years ago. He mentions that recollection is an inherently imprecise affair, and it’s hard to rely on memory alone without having last names or specific details.

Overall, the article is a reflective piece that highlights the value of unsung heroes like Carol, who quietly go about their lives doing good without seeking recognition.

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